Fairytale Journey's by Brittany Manning

The Face of Disney Vacations

Founded in December 2022, Fairytale Journeys by Brittany Manning is an enchanting travel agency, specializing in Disney destinations. Her passion for travel and all things Disney led her to create a magical journey for her clients. Manning goes above and beyond to provide personalized planning, handle reservations, and ensure her clients’ vacations are seamless and unforgettable.


Certified in all the destinations she sells, Manning stays up to date with the latest information, especially in the ever-changing world of Disney. Her early success can be attributed to her dedication and genuine care for her clients.


As a devoted travel agent, she strives to build lasting relationships with her clients, guaranteeing exceptional vacations from start to finish. Whether it’s a Disney adventure, a cruise, or an all-inclusive resort, Manning’s services are complimentary, and she provides unwavering support and guidance.


Fairytale Journeys by Brittany Manning turns travel dreams into cherished memories, one magical adventure at a time.






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