Goodwyn Building

The Face of Home Building

Goodwyn Building, established in 1985 by George Goodwyn Jr., has become a prominent force in Central Alabama’s home building industry. Carter Goodwyn, George’s son, now running operations, oversees the construction of over 100 homes annually. Their focus on affordable, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance single-family homes has fostered a reputation for delivering homes built to the highest standards.


Goodwyn’s commitment to community involvement is evident through his work serving on the board of Brantwood Children’s Home and his recent partnership with them to create the Goodwyn Counseling Center for the youth that resides there. Carter has also led projects benefiting Valiant Cross, Common Ground Montgomery, and King’s Canvas, among others.


Goodwyn Building’s close relationships with subcontractors, some spanning over 25 years, have contributed to their success in delivering quality, affordable homes. He also attributes the company’s success to its team that is dedicated to providing a unique product to the area, meeting a previously unmet need.


Looking ahead, Goodwyn Building remains steadfast in its dedication to customer satisfaction and fostering a close-knit team, upholding the original vision of creating homes and lasting relationships in Central Alabama.






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