Executive Chef Eric Rivera

The Face of Hospitality

Executive Chef Eric Rivera is a culinary powerhouse in Montgomery. In 2017, Chef Rivera and Jud Blount founded Vintage Hospitality

Group (VHG). Their journey began with Vintage Year, followed just a year and a half later by Vintage Café and continued with the addition of MGM Greens, Ravello, Red Bluff Bar, and Frenchie’s.


Chef Rivera’s passion for teaching extends beyond the kitchen, as he actively participates in the Alabama ProStart Program and serves as an adjunct professor at Auburn’s Hortsch School of Hospitality. His accolades include Chef of the Year by the ARHA, James Beard Chef Boot Camp Alumni, and Hill Runner for the National Restaurant Association.


With almost 100 dedicated team members, VHG’s success lies in hard work, employee investment, and community support. Chef Rivera aims to provide unparalleled dining experiences and is deeply invested in transforming Montgomery into a culinary arts destination. He looks forward to launching the Chef Culinary Exchange program with Pietrasanta, Italy, and VHG managing their first apartment complex, Grove Court Apartments.




334.819.7215 | VINTAGEHG.COM


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