334 Property Management

The Face of Property Management

334 Property Management, founded in March 2017 by Blake Lawley and two partners, specializes in single-family property management. Their all-in-one approach covers investment acquisition, property repairs, tenant placement, and management. The company’s motto of “Treating Every Property Like It’s Our Own” drives their commitment to excellence.


To keep up with the property maintenance, repairs, and rehab demand of their 550+ properties, the partners launched Investment Property Maintenance, LLC in 2018. Lawley, a real estate investor who has owned 60+ investment properties and four companies, is now the sole owner of 334 Property Management, LLC andInvestment Property Maintenance, LLC.


The firm’s commitment to providing top-notch service and fostering lasting client relationships ensures continued growth and success in the future. Lawley attributes the companies’ successes to the wonderful team of people who work at each company. Looking forward, 334 Property Management is dedicated to staying ahead of industry trends and bringing benefits to their clients, which sets them apart in the market.






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