Montgomery Regional Airport

The Face of Flying

Montgomery Regional Airport, a prominent transportation hub in the Alabama River Region, is committed to providing an exceptional airport experience. Since its inception in 1943, MGM has been a gateway to the world for residents and travelers alike.


Led by a team of dedicated employees, the airport focuses on general aviation and military aviation, served by two renowned airlines—American Airlines and Delta Airlines. From start to finish, the airport strives to make every journey a memorable and hassle-free experience.


MGM offers direct flights to major destinations like Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas Fort Worth, and Washington, D.C., connecting travelers to over 200+ worldwide destinations. The airport’s amenities and seamless services reflect its commitment to walking hand-in-hand with the next phase of growth.


Montgomery Regional Airport takes pride in being the preferred choice for the River Region, delivering unparalleled airport services with a focus on passenger comfort and convenience.




334.281.5040 | FLYMGM.COM


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