Armory Athletics

The Face of Gymnastics

Armory Athletics, under the City of Montgomery Parks and Recreation, has shaped young athletes through its gymnastics program for decades. With 30+ coaches and volunteers, it offers boys and girls of all ages a chance to excel. The program stands out with its diverse offerings, serving preschool, recreational, and competitive athletes, and exclusively providing the Ninja Zone program.


Armory Athletics’ success is evident through awards like Best Program and producing collegiate scholarship recipients. They host prestigious events in the Multiplex at Cramton such as the Alabama Gymnastics State Championships and the annual Blue Gray Invitationals, showcasing their commitment to excellence and community engagement.


Their dedication to mentorship, coaching, and fostering a supportive environment makes them an inspirational and cherished part of the community. Committed to empowerment, Armory Athletics is a vital force that impacts young athletes in Montgomery and beyond, creating a family that fosters potential and aspirations.






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