Alabama Surgical Arts

The Face of Facial, Cosmetic, & Oral Surgery

Established in Montgomery in 2018 by Dr. Sami A. Nizam, II, MD, DMD, Alabama Surgical Arts stands out by merging oral and maxillofacial surgery with facial cosmetic artistry. They work hard every day to ensure their patients receive care through the best advancements in cosmetic and oral surgery. Their commitment to innovation includes techniques like deep plane facelifts, Daxxify neurotoxin, and AviClear acne laser.


At Alabama Surgical Arts, they believe in making a meaningful difference in people’s lives, not just through their surgical and cosmetic expertise. Their commitment to enhancing the well-being of their patients is evident in their service philosophy, “Be intentional in all that you do.”


They’ve been celebrated as the Best of the Best in Montgomery for Cosmetic Surgeon and MedSpa, crediting their achievements to a dedicated team, community support, and passion. Enthusiastic about growth, Alabama Surgical Arts looks forward to expanding its impactful services.






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