The Montgomery Zoo

The Face of Wild Adventure

Founded in 1920, the Montgomery Zoo offers affordable wildlife attractions to the River Region while contributing to global conservation efforts for threatened animals. Their personalized wildlife encounters set them apart, providing unique and memorable experiences for every visitor.


The zoo’s commitment to their profession and animal welfare makes them the “face of” the industry. Recent achievements include winning the MAX Credit Union Community Achievement Award and breeding six critically endangered Pygmy Hippos, supporting their species’ survival worldwide.


The zoo’s success is attributed to their dedicated leadership and staff who are always going the extra mile to serve their guests and care for the animals. Future plans involve constructing a new Reptile Facility, Front Gate, and Admission Plaza, along with facility renovations and relocating the City of Montgomery’s Planetarium to the zoo.


The Montgomery Zoo is owned and operated by the City of Montgomery, however, the zoo’s impact reaches globally, as they play a vital role in animal conservation efforts worldwide.




334.625.4900 | MONTGOMERYZOO.COM


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