Montgomery Biscuits

The Face of The Home Team

The Montgomery Biscuits, established in 2004, is a minor league baseball team known for creating lasting memories at Riverwalk Stadium. With a team of 19 full-time employees and around 150 part-time/seasonal staff members, they offer a diverse range of events, including concerts, networking gatherings, community functions, holiday parties, weddings, and more.


What sets the Montgomery Biscuits apart is their ability to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone, regardless of their interest level in baseball. Their games at Riverwalk Stadium offer something for people of all backgrounds, making it a unique and inclusive environment.


The Biscuits have achieved significant milestones including making the playoffs for the past seven seasons. Their upcoming plans include a season-long celebration in 2024, commemorating “20 Seasons of Biscuits,” and highlighting the best teams, players, and fan memories since they were established.


The company’s greatest triumph lies in witnessing the smiling faces of friends and families coming together at the ballpark each night.






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