Absolute Termite & Pest Control

The Face of Termite and Pest Control

Absolute Termite & Pest Control, founded by Eric Batrez in 2006, has become a trusted name in the industry. With a focus on residential and commercial pest control, Eric and his wife, Brittany, offer a range of services, including termite treatments, wood infestation reports, mosquito control, and more.


As a local, family-owned business with 10 dedicated staff members, Absolute values its customers, treating them like family and providing personalized service. Absolute also engages in community events, supports nonprofits, and maintains strong customer relationships. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, integrity, and respect was rewarded by being named MAAR’s Affiliate of the Year 2018.


The company’s slogan, “Give Bugs A Boot…Call Absolute,” reflects its dedication to eradicating pests, while its motto emphasizes the team’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Absolute’s success lies in its consistent growth, strong team dynamics, and dedication to customer retention.


1519 E ANN ST, MONTGOMERY, AL 36107 | 334.239.7317




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