Sabel Steel

The Face of Steel

Sabel Steel, a family-run business based out of Montgomery, has stood as a historic pillar in the steel industry since opening in 1856. With six generations at the helm, they deliver exceptional service and customized steel products through their nine service centers across several states. Their 167-year legacy and deep community involvement make them a distinguished face in the industry.


Father-son duo Keith and Sean Sabel lead and maintain the tradition of excellence, backed by the support of valued employees and loyal customers. They take pride in their North American Steel Alliance membership, allowing them to offer tailored solutions and maintain close customer connections.


Sabel Steel’s recent acquisitions have expanded their capabilities, adding processing and fabrication services. Their philanthropic efforts, amounting to over $1M in donations, further solidify their commitment to the community.


With a history of resilience and adaptability, Sabel Steel looks forward to a bright future, serving a vast territory and offering unmatched value to its esteemed clientele.




334.265.6771 | SABELSTEEL.COM


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