The Bubbly Hen

The Face of Brunch

The Bubbly Hen, a locally owned full-time brunch eatery in Montgomery, founded in 2022 by Danyalle and Ryan Friday, offers a unique Southern brunch experience that brings people together. The modern ambiance with high ceilings and an abundance of living greenery set the stage for the perfect brunch, along with a cocktail menu that boasts gorgeous, flavor-forward drinks inspired by life experiences and friendships.


Danyalle and Ryan are dedicated to supporting the community, collaborating with local farmers, distilleries, roasters, and artisans to tie in local history and Southern classics. Their journey began with a passion for creating an inviting space where guests can enjoy fresh, organic, and locally sourced foods.


Beyond The Bubbly Hen, the couple proudly owns two other successful restaurants in Montgomery: Cork & Cleaver, established in2017, and Coosa Cleaver, established in 2018. Each venture reflects the same spirit of passion, dedication, and love that has made The Bubbly Hen a must-visit spot in Montgomery.




334.649.1111 | BUBBLYHEN.COM


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